Australian Exhibitions Group (AEG) CEO Kevin Mack, today announces the sale of Tatsup supply co. The subsequent sale of Tatsup signals the AEG company focus to become streamlined into further promoting and growing its event portfolios along with the exciting launch of its new entity “Common Media”. 

Tatsup was launched in 2013 and quickly achieved tremendous success for the Australian Tattoo industry, mainly due to the ecommerce modernisation for sales and delivery processes. With a bilateral approach to the Australian supply chain of Tattoo supplies, Tatsup is the importer and distributor both on a B2B and retail level for many premium brands from international markets. This “Industry first” model was the catalyst that significantly halted the monopolisation of the supply chain within the Australian Tattoo industry.   

Tatsup was awarded the Shopify build a business award in just eight eight short months post launch. As a result of this unprecedented ecomm platform success, Kevin Mack, Director at the time, had the opportunity to fly to New York where he was able to network and mentor his business design with elite brand development names such as GARY VEE , THE HUFFINGTON POST and Damon JOHN.

Over the last decade, Tatsup has achieved tremendous success in the unity of the Australian Tattoo industry, uniting artists and creating a new focal point within the domestic industry. 

“Today we turn a page in our company’s history after almost a decade long venture in establishing the leading brand in the Australian tattoo industry via our supply co Tatsup”, commenced Mr Mack. 

“We came in with a vision and we certainly achieved it. Over the course of our first two years, we successfully reduced the retail pricing on consumable products by up 400%.  Our company initiated a raise in the industry standard and the expectation of reasonable delivery times across the market space.”

“Prior to Tatsup, the industry standard was a 30 day delivery window and a staggering 300+% markup. The industry was cannibalising itself with this model that stunted growth and opportunity for new artists. We have paved the way for streamlined supply chains and many replicable retail operations who are Australian owned and operated.”

 “Tatsup was my passion and a dream that I will always be extremely proud of and honoured of the support I’ve received from the industry over the years. Without the artists and their ongoing evolution of the craft, we could never have achieved the impact we have”, concluded Mr Mack.

Buyers of Tatsup, Liam Ramsingh and Con B commented on the next evolution of the Tatsup brand. 

“Australia boasts a vibrant and diverse tattoo culture. We love this industry and its people, so leading Tatsup into its next phase holds immense significance for us. The tattoo industry’s supply chain has key areas where increased usability and convenience are sorely needed. It’s our full intention to address these needs and pass on the benefits to our customers.” said Liam Ramsingh

“With foundations firmly embedded in the tattoo community and built from the ground up, Tatsup has always represented the grass roots of the industry and now signifies its sustained growth. Liam and I are extremely excited to engage with our core consumers and empower the next generation of artists.  With key business imperatives planned for 2023, it’s our primary focus to bring as much value to the market as possible”, concluded Con B. 

The AEG event portfolio is frequently redefined and polished to deliver our Artists and retailers the best experience possible. Providing a platform for Australian Tattoo artists to develop their brand identity remains our primary focus across our Tattoo event portfolio. 

The Tattoo industry is extremely progressive, and AEG continues to look at ways to help shine a light on the industry and create trust, credibility and confidence for established and emerging Australian artists.  

By vacating our role in the Supply chain, it allows AEG to occupy a more central position within the industry, whereby other suppliers and independent artists can utilise our event platforms as a means of exposure and growth for their own product lines and merchandising. 

In the coming months, our Media sector Common Media (CMMN) will begin the delivery of creative media strategy, relationships management and marketing formulas to clients aligning with our internal brand values and offerings across multiple sectors. 

We see a tremendous opportunity to supply artist’s and their emerging business models with our proven media models to take their brands to the next level.

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