CMMN CEO Kevin Mack, today announces the acquisition of Australian Exhibitions Group (AEG) with immediate effect. The acquisition of AEG births a new era for CMMN, in the culmination of a four year developmental phase across their industry leading services and partnerships in events, creator markets, digital services and software system development. 

The acquisition will see a comprehensive amalgamation of CMMN’s meticulous data analysis and capabilities with AEG’s impressive portfolio of over 34 large scale exhibitions and entertainment events that have been successfully managed over the past 10 years. 

The success of AEG can be surmised by amassing 175,000 attendees to their events in this time period, with a net revenue of over $25,000,000, whilst contributing an estimated $40,000,000 of revenue into the companies native Tattoo industry whilst establishing new opportunities and market sectors for both domestic and international artists.

In addition, CMMN as an emerging industry leader has been able to attract a landmark international venture capital investment partnership that will further underwrite the company’s sustainability to redefine industry expectations around events, creator markets, digital and software development. 

CMMN Media CEO Kevin Mack, commented on the acquisition of AEG;

“I’m excited to announce the acquisition of AEG by CMMN. This is a pivotal move in our five year plan to revolutionise modern events and support the burgeoning creator economy”, said Mr Mack. 

“Strategically we have empowered CMMN to further develop innovative platforms for content creators and groundbreaking software applications for businesses. We are thrilled to use the event portfolio of AEG as a foundation to continue CMMN’s commitment to fostering creativity, efficiency, and growth.”

“CMMN has been a leading catalyst behind the scenes for the rapid growth and industry leading innovation AEG has displayed over recent years. Together, with our combined expertise and resources, we will lead the industry into a new era.” concluded Mr Mack.

The future of CMMN is poised to further innovate the events, creator, digital and software market spaces via data-driven insights. The unique central market space across all sectors within these collective industries offers an unmatched opportunity for CMMN to bridge the horizons of the infinite possibilities that are presenting themselves in the B2B space for the synthesis between digital media, events, entertainment and content creators.

In the coming weeks CMMN will announce an exciting new calendar of events in both existing and new market spaces, expanding on the already impressive AEG events calendar annually. 


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